The members of Pioneer Community Center are the backbone of the center.

The success of the center is in the overwhelming support by its members. The support is primarily measured by the usage of the center by its members. The Membership comes with several benefits offered by the center that includes, but not limited to the entire facility usage. All amenities offered by the existing complex are available for use.

  • Children will definitely enjoy their time at the center in designated playgrounds. They can also do bonding activities with their grandparents.
  • Youth can socialize with their friends and utilize the foosball, ping-pong, football field, soccer field, volley ball and basket ball courts. Not only that, but they can use workout facility to do strength training and stay fit.
  • Middle-aged group will also have their place to enjoy the center. In addition to all of the above, the icing-on-the-cake for them will be a huge purpose built cricket field. They can participate in cricket tournaments at other multipurpose fields that can easily be transformed into cricket fields.
  • Seniors can come in and relax with their buddies at the senior center, read news paper/magazines, watch Desi TV and have Chaai-Paani. They can also engage in indoor games like pool table, board games, yoga, walking, exercise etc.

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